Investment Strategy

A Leading Investment Firm

Over the past 21 years, Partner One Capital  has distinguished itself as a world leader in the acquisition and growth of leading-edge software companies.

We are very proud of the fact that over 600 of the world’s largest corporations and governments rely on our software for their most critical operations and to safeguard their most valuable data.


Acquisitions & Investments

We aggressively pursue new acquisitions as well as joint venture opportunities in the enterprise software market.

Our strong financial resources, entrepreneurial mindset and dedicated due diligence teams allows us to close on acquisitions in record time, often with no contingencies, providing unique value and speed to business owners interested in selling their companies.


Speed, Flexibility & Creativity

Partner One Capital invests its own money and looks to structure each acquisition with an open-mind, creative approach to meet the needs of business owners. The key to our success is that we are flexible to make deals happen, providing a distinct advantage over other private equity firms. Since Partner One Capital invests its own funds, we are able to move quickly on each opportunity, paving the way to faster growth and success.

About Partner One Capital

Partner One Capital is a self-funded private investment firm who specializes in the acquisition of enterprise software companies.

In business for over 20 years, we focus on the acquisition of mission-critical software solutions for major corporations and governments. Over 600 of the world’s largest organizations rely on our software for their operations and to safeguard their most valuable data.

Our solid financial base, entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility to customize deal structures for business owners who are looking to exit, sets us apart from any other private equity firm.

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