Corporate Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Corporate PhilosophyPartner One Capital is a firm based on exemplary business ethics, honesty and transparency both inside and outside of our organization.

We do our very best, every day of the year, to serve our customers, treat our employees and partners with respect, and foster an ever-improving working environment.

There is nothing that will make us deviate, even in the slightest way, from our core values of honesty, integrity, and professionalism at every level. That is a testament to our passion for excellence.


An Entrepreneurial  Investment Firm

We are a disciplined investment firm, yet driven by  the mark of true entrepreneurship. A spirit for new ideas, new products, new services and a vision to take the existing ones to the next level. We know the importance of gaining and keeping the trust of our customers, employees and partners, they are the engine that pushes the Partner One Capital train forward every day.

Our senior officers are experienced professionals and have the ability, knowledge and autonomy to close proposed transactions. They are the primary point of contact during the underwriting and closing process yet remain valuable advisors long afterwards. This results in easy, swift communication and decision making, giving our portfolio companies a distinct advantage over slower-moving competitors.

Our partners mirror Partner One Capital’s sincere culture of partnership, and our strong commitment to integrity and professionalism which has been a primary component of our investment philosophy for over 20 years.


About Partner One Capital

Partner One Capital is a self-funded private investment firm that specializes in the acquisition of enterprise software companies.

In business for over 20 years, we focus on the acquisition of mission-critical software solutions for major corporations and governments. Over 600 of the world’s largest organizations rely on our software for their operations and to safeguard their most valuable data.

Our solid financial base, entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility to customize deal structures for business owners who are looking to exit, sets us apart from any other private equity firm.

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Partner One Capital

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