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A diversified self-funded private investment firm

Partner One Capital Real Estate

Partner One Capital’s portfolio includes millions of square feet of commercial real estate with a particular focus on the acquisition of office buildings, retirement homes and self-storage facilities.

Partner One Capital Private Equity

Our private equity, venture capital, and early stage (angel) investments in companies that are marketing driven allows us to synergistically leverage our well established media & communications networks.

About Partner One Capital

Partner One Capital is a diversified, self-funded private investment firm with a strong appetite to acquire new and established businesses, particularly in the technology, health and real estate sectors.

In business for nearly 20 years, we focus on the acquisition of commercial real estate as well as private equity, venture capital and angel investments across multiple sectors, industries, and asset classes.

Our solid financial base, including strong capital and liquidity, ensures our capacity to quickly deliver on our commitments and on our ambitious acquisition and growth strategies.

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Partner One Capital

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