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We specialize in the acquisition of enterprise software companies

Partner One Capital Software

Partner One Capital owns an impressive portfolio of enterprise software companies serving over 600 of the world’s largest corporations and governments. 

Partner One Capital Acquisitions

Partner One Capital is 100% self-funded. We pride ourselves in having an entrepreneurial mindset, being flexible, creative and faster than anyone else at acquiring companies

About Partner One Capital

Partner One Capital is a self-funded private investment firm who specializes in the acquisition of enterprise software companies.

In business for over 20 years, we focus on the acquisition of mission-critical software solutions for major corporations and governments. Over 600 of the world’s largest organizations rely on our software for their operations and to safeguard their most valuable data.

Our solid financial base, entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility to customize deal structures for business owners who are looking to exit, sets us apart from any other private equity firm.

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Partner One Capital

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